Academic Programme Overview

Simcon recognizes the importance of modern education of students in the field of transport and logistics, therefore we have decided to support the education process with our new initiative, started in cooperation with University of Zilina, - an academic programme, which will provide free utilities, programmes, presentations, etc.

All universities, technical colleges, high schools and other educational institutions are invited to become members of our new Academic programme.

After the free registration to the programme, the members will gain access to our "members only area" of the site, where they can download provided software and other useful items. All members will be regularly informed about new features of the programme, and we would like to encourage them to help us improve the programme with their critique, comments and ideas.

At the present, the demonstration version of our logistic node simulation software Villon is available for the members. In a short time, a specialized didactic edition of the software will be ready. We are also planning to provide presentations materials to accompany the software.

We hope that the new Academic programme will be a help to the teachers and will improve the quality of the education.