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Software development services

In addition to our outstanding consulting services, we also offer development of specialized made-to-order software products, particularly in the field of simulation and optimisation of transportation logistic systems.

Our highly qualified employees have long-term experience in development of simulation models and related tools especially in the field of transportation and logistic systems as well as in information systems development, operation research and computer graphics (2D GDI, 3D GDI or DirectX).

Villon simulation tool is the brightest example of our skills and knowledge.

To list a few examples of our custom software development, following can be mentioned:

  • Dante simulation toolPlanning tool Dante being developed for HUPAC Intermodal terminal in Busto Arsizio, Italy. This easy-to-use simulation tool will provide decision support for terminal employees during the planning of future terminal operation.
  • Dispatcher Support ToolSpecialised tool DispSup for semi-automatic (using Oracle database engine as a data source, complemented by manual editing) drawing of realised marshalling yard operation for TDJ Research Centre in Harbin, China.