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Villon Viewer

Important feature of Villon is the possibility of deploying a special Villon Viewer version executable of the simulation tool to the customer. This Viewer version enables customers (e.g. the owner of examined terminal) to execute simulation runs prepared by model designers (usually our employees) and to exploit complete range of run-time and post-run evaluation options Villon offers. Customer has the chance to use Villon the same way we do, however, no model data modification is allowed in Villon Viewer.

Villon Viewer is delivered to our customers as an integral part of our service at no additional cost and the number of installations is not limited. Our customers can easily follow the simulation study progress - Villon Viewer is delivered at various project stages (and, of course, at the end of the study as a part of the final study report).

Villon Viewer is an invaluable tool that supports model validation (customers, who surely have the best knowledge about the operation of modelled terminal are directly employed) and promotes communication between customer and simulation consultants, which is vital for the success of the simulation study. At the same time, Villon Viewer often serves as a platform for internal exchange of ideas among customer's employees.


Villon Viewer 3D

In case of visualisation service or if the 3D visualisation was part of the simulation study, the 3D version of Villon Viewer is delivered to the customer. This version has specific hardware requirements that are dependent on the complexity of the visualisation. In general, MS Windows XP/Vista/7 and DirectX 9 capable graphic adapter with dedicated memory are required in order to run the software.


Quick Guide

Villon Viewer Quick Guide can be downloaded in white papers section of the site.