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Simulation consulting

Simcon uses computer simulation as the primary method for finding answers to a customer's questions and problems. Computer simulation of systems enables testing of alternative solutions, proposals and decision-making strategies with essentially lower costs in comparison with experiments on the real system, which are often even not feasible due to financial, ethical and other reasons.

Utilising in-house developed simulation tools (e.g. Villon), we are able to provide the customer with unambiguous arguments for the design, reconstruction/reengineering or economization of logistic and transportation systems, bringing and justifying surprisingly-high financial savings. We can help you to:

  • proof the consequences of your decisions in advance,
  • spot potential savings in an inexpensive way,
  • gain incontestable arguments to support your proposals,
  • lower your operation and maintenance costs,
  • locate problem areas or weak points (bottlenecks),
  • be prepared for future changes.


Within the frame of simulation consultancy project, we build (after the problem identification and system analysis) a dynamic, animated, interactive, and valid simulation model of a customer's transportation logistic system, whether that system is already existent or only planned. Experiments with this simulation model make it possible to analyze operational processes as well as to propose and verify solutions without intervening into the real system.


Consulting services for railways

RailwaysSimcon specialises on the analysis, optimisations and simulations of railway terminals (utilising Villon simulation tool) of all kinds, e.g. marshalling yards, passenger stations, container terminals, depots, maintenance stations, etc.

Consulting services for industry

IndustrySimcon's simulation consultancy services cover broad range of transportation problems found in industrial facilities, e.g. optimisation of railway and road transportation, saving resource costs or designing the infrastructure.