Consulting services for railways

RailwaysSimcon specialises on the analysis, optimisations and simulations of railway terminals (utilising Villon simulation tool) of all kinds, e.g. marshalling yards, passenger stations, container terminals, depots, maintenance stations, etc.

Whether you are going to design new railway terminal, invest in the modernization of existing one, adjust to changed conditions (e.g. increased number of passengers, new timetable, etc.) or just want to economize the operation and lower operation costs, our consultancy services can provide solutions, advise and proposal for all these tasks. Our consulting services scope covers also regional railway lines as well as public transportation (buses, trams, etc.) systems.


Have a look at some typical problems that are covered by our consultancy services: 

  • Verification and evaluation of infrastructure changes
  • Throughput capacity investigation in marshalling yards
  • Examination of passengers transport capacity
  • Investigation of regional railway networks
  • Rationalisation of technological procedures in terminals
  • Identification of bottlenecks and their elimination
  • Determining an optimal number of vehicles for a public transport line
  • Verification of timetable in an urban transportation
  • Verification of gains after modernization of technical equipment
  • Adjusting operation to new timetable
  • Planning operation during maintenance or reconstruction stages
  • Determining optimal number of locomotives and human resources
  • Verification of personnel work shifts scheduling
  • and many others ...

Read general information about our consultancy services or visit the page containing detailed information about realized railway consultancy projects.