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Villon screenshotVillon is a software simulation tool for creation and application of universal and detailed simulation models of transportation logistic terminals and their technological processes. Villon supports microscopic modelling of various types of transportation logistic terminals containing railway and road infrastructures (e.g. marshalling yards, railway passenger stations, factories, container terminals, depots, airports, etc.). 

Villon is the primary tool we use for our consultancy services - using Villon, users (our employees who are professionals in the field of logistics) are able to create detailed simulation models of terminal operation, define simulation scenarios, make experiments with the model and evaluate results of simulation runs in one integrated user-friendly environment. Villon aids tactical (middle-term) and strategic (long-term) planning related usually to infrastructural or operational proposals, which are supposed to guarantee optimal (or at least effective) behaviour of modelled terminal.

Villon’s features like its flexibility, detailed microscopic modelling of operation of various types of terminals, flowchart driven definition of operational procedures, user interaction, selection of decision strategies, 3D animation output, extensive result evaluation possibilities underscore its uniqueness throughout the world.

Ablaufberg screenshot

Ablaufberg is a software simulation tool for the precise examination of wagon motion dynamics during the train sorting process on a hump in a marshalling (classification) yard. The simulation of wagon motion dynamics helps to determine the proper dimensions of a hump, the proper number and position of retarders, as well as to set the optimal sorting speed on a hump. The simulation is also useful for verification of feasibility of succession times for several groups of wagons, utilization of target shooting (wagons have to reach desired position with safe speed to avoid gaps between two wagon groups on sorting track), for modelling of approach process of wagon groups toward hump on gravity marshalling yards and for the optimization of output speed from retarders.

Ablaufberg has been proven to be truly an invaluable tool for designing humps in the marshalling yards.


Simform is a software tool for optimizing the simultaneous formation of group trains. Properly managed, simultaneous train formation can drastically improve the time and resource efficiency of the process of secondary sorting and of the creation of outbound group trains in marshalling yards.