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Simulation consulting

Simcon uses computer simulation as the primary method for finding answers to a customer's questions and problems. Computer simulation of systems enables testing of alternative solutions, proposals and decision-making strategies with essentially lower costs in comparison with experiments on the real system, which are often even not feasible due to financial, ethical and other reasons.

Utilising in-house developed simulation tools (e.g. Villon), we are able to provide the customer with unambiguous arguments for the design, reconstruction/reengineering or economization of logistic and transportation systems, bringing and justifying surprisingly-high financial savings. We can help you to:

  • proof the consequences of your decisions in advance,
  • spot potential savings in an inexpensive way,
  • gain incontestable arguments to support your proposals,
  • lower your operation and maintenance costs,
  • locate problem areas or weak points (bottlenecks),
  • be prepared for future changes.
3D visualisation services

3D visualisationSimcon offers the visualisation of your facility operation in dynamic interactive 3D virtual environment (built in Villon), including the animation of transport processes, detailed modelling of infrastructure, vehicles, terrain as well as buildings and trees.

Software development services

Software developmentIn addition to our outstanding consulting services, we also offer development of specialized made-to-order software products, particularly in the field of simulation and optimisation of transportation logistic systems.