Consulting services for industry

IndustrySimcon's simulation consultancy services cover broad range of transportation problems found in industrial facilities, e.g. optimisation of railway and road transportation, saving resource costs or designing the infrastructure.

Industrial, especially production, facilities have to be flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing conditions (demand fluctuations, failures, etc.), and at the same time they have to operate in a very efficient manner to save valuable financial resources. Our consultancy services can provide substantial help in the though task to operate and manage such transportation and production systems. 

The simulation tool Villon, that is utilised in our consultancy services, supports detailed modelling of industrial facilities transport operations, including the railway (factory sidings), road (trucks, fork-lifters, cars, etc.) and other (cranes, AGVs, etc.) transportation as well as modelling of storage operations (read more about Villon's features).


Have a look at some typical problems that are covered by our consultancy services:  

  • Adaptation of transport system to increased/decreased production in a factory
  • Verification and evaluation of infrastructure or equipment changes (new cranes, sidings, etc.)
  • Verification of new production facility designs
  • Evaluation of railway and road transportation interactions
  • Analysis of internal factory road transportation (e.g. crossing vs. roundabout)
  • Optimisation of material, intermediate goods and product transport flows
  • Determining an optimal number of un/loading docks
  • Determining optimal number of manipulation equipment (e.g. fork-lifters)
  • Minimisation of transport personnel cost (shifts planning, utilisation, ...)
  • Rationalisation of transport operations in container terminals
  • Adjusting container terminal operation to new timetable
  • Dimensioning of storages
  • Identification of bottlenecks and their elimination
  • Verification of gains after modernization of technical equipment
  • Planning operation during maintenance or reconstruction stages
  • and many others ...  


Read general information about our consultancy services or visit the page containing detailed information about realized industry consultancy projects.